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Editor's pick: Video of the day

Every day we will upload a new link to a noteworthy video of a Dylan cover. If you have suggestions, please mail.

Just Like A Woman - Nina Simone

Nina Simone would be 85 years old today if still alive. She was born on 21 February 1933Nina was 70 when...

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Magda sin gård - Johan Aarstein & Ida Løvheim

Norwegian Havard Lorentzen struck gold in the men’s 500 meters speed skating at the Gangneung Oval yesterday....

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I Shall Be Free - Stumpzian

Well, my telephone rang it would not stop It’s President Kennedy callin’ me up Today, February 19, in...

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Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun

A glass of wine a day keeps the cardiologist away, or so they say. That may be the reason there is such...

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Masters Of War - Ed Sheeran

February 17 2018. Ed Sheeran - maybe the hippest thing in the music industry today - has reached the...

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All I Really Want To Do - Sonny & Cher

Today marks the birthday in 1935 of Sonny Bono. In the mid 1960’s Sonny formed a highly succesful and...

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I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - Robert Palmer & Ub40

February 15 2018 is the 59th birthday of Ali Campbell, lead singer of UB40.Here he is, with Robert Palmer...

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