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The main intent of this website is to catalog the recordings by other artists performing the songs and music of Bob Dylan. These recordings (covers) are arranged in various categories as outlined in a set of rules. An alphabetical list of all recordings and and alphabetical list of all the artists included on the site is provided on the database pages. We don't offer downloads. We only offer data.

You will find:

and also:

So, unlike Dave Plentus' original website - where not even every cover was listed - we also cover the side paths. We cover much, much more than just the audio audio-covers. Besides that..  The Times They Are A-Changin'! On this website the criteria are wide: If a cover is recorded and published in any format it can be listed in the database. So you will find information about recordings listed on YouTube, Archive.org or Soundcloud. There will be no discussions about quality (artistic or technical).
Special sections are made for Cover Albums, Video and Translations. For those recordings we will follow the rules which were originaly set by Dave. But... we get distracted quickly. We get lost sometimes, but we enjoy this.

This website is dedicated to Dave. Much of the content of his original site is re-used in this one. Just like him we make no claims that the information here is complete, but try to add any new information of recordings as it becomes known. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Anton Bohnen, Hans Bosch, Bill Hester, Dick Verschuur



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