Bob Dylan 75th Birthday Tribute Concert, 5-21-16, Long Island Museum

Bob Dylan's 75th Birthday Celebration in The Gillespie Room at The Long Island Museum with The Kennedys, Rod MacDonald, Russ Seeger, Steve Kaplan, Brian Kachejian, Tom Ryan and special guests

It's also the 50th anniversary of Dylan's Blonde on Blonde album, so you can expect to hear some songs from that album but we'll also roam through the entire Dylan catalogue, right up to his recent albums, and throw in some obscure Dylan stuff as well.

long island setlistAnchoring the evening's celebration will be Pete and Maura Kennedy, who return for their tenth Dylan Birthday celebration at the Cafe. Guitars, sitars and even ukeleles come into play when The Kennedys "do Dylan." ( Rod MacDonald, one of America's finest singer-songwriters and an acknowledged master at interpreting Dylan, returns for another Dylanfest at the Cafe. Rod and his band Big Brass Bed have recently recorded a third album of Dylan songs. (
Russ Seeger, of Levon Helm's Last Hombres, interprets lesser-known Dylan songs and adds great fiddle and guitar work to other Dylan classics in his ninth appearance at a Cafe Bob Dylan Birthday celebration. (
Also in the band: Brian Kachejian on keyboards, Steve Kaplan on bass and Tom Ryan (of the Last Hombres) on drums. And who knows who else might appear?

Tickets are $30 and limited to 100 seats and are available now through Thursday, May 19th unless sold out earlier at

Information also at and or call 631-632-1093
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Filmed at the Long Island Museum. Located in Stony Brook New York.

The Band:
Maura Kennedy - Lead Vocals and guitar
Pete Kennedy - Lead Vocals and Guitar
Rod MacDonald - Lead Vocals , Guitar and Harmonica
Russ Seeger - Lead Vocals ,Guitar, and Fiddle
Brian Kachejian- Lead Vocals and Grand Piano
Steve Kaplan - Backing Vocals ,Bass Guitar
Tom Ryan - Backing Vocals , Drums

Special guest appearance by Stuart Markus

Bill Herman and Phildo Tully - Live Sound Mixing
Concert promoted by Charlie Backfish and Amy Tuttle and The Port Jefferson Arts Council

The Kennedys info:

Rod Macdonald info:

Russ Seeger info:

Brian Kachejian info:

Tom Ryan

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