2011-09-23: Victoriateatern, Malmö, Sweden. The Basement Tapes Revisited

Recorded live at a sold out Victoriateatern on Sept 23rd 2011 in Malmö, Sweden using an iPhone 4 (both video and sound). All songs are taken from the legendary 1967 Woodstock recordings "Tree With Roots" (later to become the core of the 1975 album "The Basement Tapes" by Bob Dylan & The Band). The 128 songs Bob Dylan & The Band captured on that four track in the basement during the summer of 1967 are one of the essential bodies of work in the history of American music, as rich in their manner as the Louis Armstrong Hot Fives and Sevens, Robert Johnson's 1936 - 37 recordings, or Hank Williams' MGM recordings. This is our selection of favourite songs from those recordings.

The Basement Tapes Revisited are (left to right on stage):
Sylvester Schlegel - Lead vocals, drums, bass, autoharp
Svante Sjöblom - Lead vocals, guitars, lap steel, mandolin
Palle Tenfalk - Lead vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
Anders Thorén - Lead vocals, piano, organ, accordion

Set list:
Ain't No More Cane (lead vocals - all)
Million Dollar Bash (lead vocals - Palle)
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (lead vocals - Svante)
Open the Door, Homer (lead vocals - Sylvester)
Bessie Smith (lead vocals - Anders)
Please Mrs. Henry (lead vocals - Palle)
Apple Suckling Tree (lead vocals - Svante)
Don't Ya Tell Henry (lead vocals - Sylvester)
Katie's Been Gone (lead vocals - Anders)
Nothing Was Delivered (lead vocals - Svante)
Goin' to Acapulco (lead vocals - Palle)
Yazoo Street Scandal (lead vocals - Anders)
Tears Of Rage (lead vocals - Sylvester)
This Wheel´s On Fire (lead vocals - Palle)
One For The Road (lead vocals - all)
I Shall Be Released (lead vocals - all)

"The Basement Tapes are a kaleidoscope like nothing I know, complete and no more dated than the weather." Greil Marcus / The Basement Tapes liner notes
All songs were originally written by Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, Richard Manuel and Rick Danko. Buy the album here: http://www.amzn.to/mk5Ab4

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